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Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Ever Typographie Vintage Pop-up Shop

 This past weekend Typographie Vintage held it's first ever pop-up shop at the Chenango County Fairgrounds in Norwich, NY. Selling everything from 1920's manicure sets to 1970's prairie skirts, I'm happy to say that the first sale went excellently, and I couldn't have had more fun putting something together- it was basically a giant art project!

This jewelry display was made from an antique tool box!

John and I took turns playing old jazz standards on our ukes!

When we weren't playing, we spun everything from Lead Belly to The Beach Boys. 

 My super cool mom acted as backup for the day, and we had an awesome time helping people find the right vintage pieces for their wardrobes!

Next summer Typographie is planning on taking to music festivals around the country to sell vintage garb and to talk about all things old and pretty! Stay tuned for dates!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apple Picking: Top Five Favorite Varieties

Last weekend I went apple picking with a few friends while I was visiting my old school. There is something so satisfying about plucking the fruit directly from the tree, taking a chomp and letting the juice roll down your chin as your stroll from row to row. We were allowed to try the different apples as we picked so we could determine for ourselves what varieties were our favorites. Here were the conclusions we came to:

Sweet Sixteen
Unanimously this was our favorite apple. It was much sweeter than the other varities we tried, but still crisp and tart enough to be refreshing on a weirdly-warm fall day. Hints of anise flavor in the after-taste.

This had been my favorite apple up until I tried the Sweet Sixteen. The Empire was white and crisp, and although sweet, was less candy-like than the Sweet Sixteen.

A classic, but for a reason. The McIntosh was more tart than the other varieties, and was the juiciest apple I tried. 

Another sweet apple, but with a little bite in the after taste. I kept thinking that this variety would be excellent in a pie with a cheese crust!

Golden Delicious
A mild flavor, that was crisp and juicy. Somewhat floral tasting.

When comparing the apples side by side, bite for bite, I was surprised at how different they tasted. All of the varieties we tasted were delicious, and I think could be used for different purposes. However, if you go picking in the next few weeks, make sure to try a Sweet Sixteen!

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Slip Combo

(Slip: Free People, Hat: American Eagle, Boots:Typographie Vintage, Necklace: Vijayas)

Being in a long distance relationship, I have gotten pretty used to packing "the weekend bag." However, with a fella and group of friends as spontaneous as mine I could just as easily end up in a lake in November as I could out to dinner and a party at night.

This presented a packing challenge when I first started making these trips (as my boyfriend's floor is sure to tell you!) However, I think I finally figured out the secret to a successful packing job: "the slip combo." The slip combo consists of a camisole, leggings (or bike shorts depending on the how hot it is), a super funky slip that you feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in, boots and a pile of accessories.

If I want to jump in a lake, awesome! I just take off the slip and accessories and jump in with my makeshift 18th century bathing costume! If I want to go to a fancy dinner, keep the whole getup on and add a little lipstick. Want to go to a raucous party!? Maybe tone-down the accessories for your own sake, but the rest will work just fine! And if I end up sleeping out that night I just take off the slip and I'm in pajamas!

The key to this is to have a good slip. No cheap-o itchy fabric, nothing that looks like lingerie and something that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever situation you may end up in. I'm a fan of Free People's slips because in addition to being ridiculously fashionable and detailed, they are soft and weirdly durable for something that looks so delicate!

Photos taken by John Fealy (my boyfriend) on one of our infamous weekend adventures!

*This post is sponsored by Free People, all opinions are my own.