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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apple Picking: Top Five Favorite Varieties

Last weekend I went apple picking with a few friends while I was visiting my old school. There is something so satisfying about plucking the fruit directly from the tree, taking a chomp and letting the juice roll down your chin as your stroll from row to row. We were allowed to try the different apples as we picked so we could determine for ourselves what varieties were our favorites. Here were the conclusions we came to:

Sweet Sixteen
Unanimously this was our favorite apple. It was much sweeter than the other varities we tried, but still crisp and tart enough to be refreshing on a weirdly-warm fall day. Hints of anise flavor in the after-taste.

This had been my favorite apple up until I tried the Sweet Sixteen. The Empire was white and crisp, and although sweet, was less candy-like than the Sweet Sixteen.

A classic, but for a reason. The McIntosh was more tart than the other varieties, and was the juiciest apple I tried. 

Another sweet apple, but with a little bite in the after taste. I kept thinking that this variety would be excellent in a pie with a cheese crust!

Golden Delicious
A mild flavor, that was crisp and juicy. Somewhat floral tasting.

When comparing the apples side by side, bite for bite, I was surprised at how different they tasted. All of the varieties we tasted were delicious, and I think could be used for different purposes. However, if you go picking in the next few weeks, make sure to try a Sweet Sixteen!

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