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Monday, July 2, 2012

Moodboard Monday: Catching Up

      Sorry for the lack of posting last week, I was feeling under the weather! However, this week I am back and making up for lost time! This week's Moodboard Monday will include both a favorite trend in addition to your weekly dose of general inspiration.

The trend: Crop tops
 I have been loving crop tops lately! Not only is it breathing new life into a trend that was one fairly hideous in my opinion:

 but it is also coming at just the right time! As temperatures creep up and I'm preparing for a beach vacation, crop tops seem like the perfect thing. For someone like me, who likes to be stylish but never wants to have to worry about clothes getting in the way, they are the easy-breezy solution to every hot day. I especially like them paired with high-waited maxi-skirts (as seen in the first photo).

Here are some other great examples:

And some general inspiration for the first week of July:

When I first saw this I instantly thought of summertime as a little kid, weaving little grass bracelets! 


I love this simple and clean look for the fellas.

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