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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Loose Leaf: Why The Art Of Letter Writing Is Still Alive

        Moving out of your house and into a dorm or first apartment can be a difficult transition for many reasons. Between new people, new found independence, and a whole boatload of emotions it is a time that is both exciting and taxing. Whenever I would start to feel overwhelmed with thoughts I found the best cure was to sit down with a cup of tea in my bed, turn off my phone, and write a letter to someone I miss.
       So why is this different than writing a wall-post or a text to someone? Think about how excited you become when you receive a piece of mail that isn't junk. It's something tangible, something you can look back on when things are rough. It's a little piece of the person writing you sealed up and delivered to you, and only to you. Sending mail is a thoughtful gesture and something that is relaxing for both the reader and the writer. You feel accomplished for knowing you are in contact with those you miss in as real a way as you can be.
      When you have a break and cannot stop thinking of your best friend, your brother, your grandmother- sit down and write them something. My grandmother has a box of letters she has been collecting since her teen years. At the age of eighty-six we sat down and read through them together. Can you do that with a text message?



    Getting letters. Opening the mail box and taking them out. Sticking your finger under the edge and ripping the envelope open. Taking the paper out and scanning it for cool drawings, doodles, pictures taped on to it. Reading it. Reading it again.

    Writing letters. Sitting down in a quiet room. Getting out your favorite pen. Picking the right card/paper so it feels good when you write. Drawing around the edges. Writing everything that is in your head. Sealing the envelope. Writing the name with bright markers, making them really want to open it when it gets there. Making the mailman jealous.


  3. That's so funny I just read a similar post on free people's site! I need to write my friend back, we've been pen pals for years and I keep forgetting to write her! Thanks for a reminder!! You're so right too getting mail is so exciting!

  4. Ally, there really is nothing more therapeutic!
    Andrew, write one to me! I'll write you back! :]
    Kate, I know right!? I actually left a comment on their website saying basically "We were on the same track!" Guess the universe is telling us to write a letter! I'm so glad to hear you're going to write you're friend! The art lives on!


  5. I don't know when I last got an actual letter in the mail! LOL You make a good point, it's much more thoughtful and intimate than sending off a quick text or email. We have become a minute-by-minute society, everything is instant. Sometimes that's a very good thing, but it's nice to have a permanent, tangible article to look at and touch, too.

    Your blog is lovely, thanks for visiting mine and leading me here.

  6. Great post! What a lovely idea, yet im guilty of instant gratification!