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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turntable Tuesday: Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers Favorites

   My family has had a pretty expansive record collection for as long as I can remember. Despite my mom's records having disappeared in the midst her travels (a few crates lost in a bus transfer, etc.), we have always had tons of vinyl around from my uncle who was an avid record collector. My cousin also curated and sold LP's throughout the years, so I was often updated on his latest finds.
    In addition to having something fun to hunt for at garage sales, there are many positives to being a record collector. For one, the sound is different. If you are into a sound that focuses on each separate part of a track, digital is probably the way to go for you. If however, you are into a more congealed sound, something where all the parts blend and you can hear the track more than the parts, I highly recommend giving vinyl a try. 
    Another thing I love about vinyl is having the album cover in my hands.  While we may see the cover of our favorite album pop up on the screen of our phone or computer, it just doesn't resonate the same way as having a large printed version to hold and stare into while the music's playing.
   A few years back I started my own record collection. I thought that it could be fun to take you through it, piece by piece in a weekly segment called "Turntable Tuesday". In these posts I'll review the album, post pictures of the art work, and include any stories or interesting tidbits about the band or album. 
    This week's album is Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen's "Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Trucker Favorites". A country rock boogie-woogie band that leaves a lingering flavor comparable to The Grateful Dead, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen are the definition of good road tunes. This 1972 album is an ode to truckers and their life on the road, and includes original Commander Cody songs as well as a few cover songs. This album is the stretch of highway in the middle of the drive- smooth sailing and in the groove.

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