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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wanderlust NYC

This past weekend John and I took a trip to Hudson River Park (NYC) for a one day yoga in the city festival put on by Wanderlust. I have been dying to go to a Wanderlust festival since I found out about it a few years back from a fellow yogi! The regular events are four days long, and feature yoga classes by some of the most renowned teachers, live music, speakers, vendors, and more.

Even though this particular session only spanned an afternoon, they managed to pack a lot in. Three classes were offered, and John and I signed up for the middle class, with Schuyler Grant and Dana Slamp. The first half hour of the class taught by Schuyler, was accompanied by Hannah Thiem, a violinist/vocalist of Copal and violinist of Nyxyss. Her dark, yet spiritual melodies made pushing through some of the more challenging poses easier. My muscles were definitely trembling by the end of this one, but I was still able to focus on my breath.

The second session with Dana Slamp was more relaxed, and went through a series of restorative poses, which felt wonderful after the first session. Dana's class was accompanied by a harpist and guitar player, which matched the serene mood of the class.

White baloons decorated the tents, health food piled into the hands of toned people in spandex, and it was just a wonderful environment to be in! I can't wait to attend a four day festival. All of the longer events take place in gorgeous remote locations, so your down time is truly down time.

To learn more about Wanderlust Festival click here. 


  1. Aaaaaagggggggggggggggghh, you took a class taught by "Diana Barry"! Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite films.

    1. You're going to be shocked- I've yet to seen it! Maybe that'll accompany dinner tomorrow night! :D

    2. Awesome fact: She's a grand-neice or something of Katherine Hepburn, and she recommended S. for the part of Diana. Girl with no life. Anyhoo. I'm loving your fashion here!