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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Barks and Beach Treasures at Gardiner County Park

For the past few years John has been telling me about this awesome dog park not too far from his home on Long Island. I am a bit crazy with dogs (there are few things I love more), so I assumed that they were the main attraction of this haven he had described.

Although we saw a few cute pooches running around (not my kind of dog though, I like my canines big enough to knock down a wall with their tail), the best part of the day was the beautiful view from the end of the pathway. The park opens up into a gorgeous beach with a view of a bridge, lovely houses in the distance, and fields of cotton-soft tall grass.

We spent the afternoon collecting beach oddities, chasing dragon flies, and of course, shooting some dreamy pictures.

Happy weekend y'all! Go find your haven!


  1. Those rings are to DIE for! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Daniella! The two on my right hand were gifts from my boyfriend, and the one on my right hand was thrifted! :D