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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Style Story: Laura Garnero

 This week’s Fashion Profile is about the comfortable and stylish Laura Garnero. Nothing is fussy about her style and yet it is always eye-catching and original. Pairing basics with original pieces her look is never over the top, but always fashion forward.
      The first thing I noticed about her style  was her attention to detail on seemingly casual items.  For example, her scarf that was covered in a quirky print, or the little mushroom earrings that were so subtle I almost missed them! She can be seen sporting her painting clothes one day and then a nice dress and boots the next.
       Her personality matches her clothes in that they are diverse, thoughtful, and fun. The way Laura stylizes simple clothes in to not-so-simple outfits is what made her this week’s Fashion Profile.

In these pictures Laura can be seen wearing an Old Navy dress, Indigo brand shoes, H&M scarf, a backpack from Urban Outfitters, and mushroom earrings from a flea market in England!


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