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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Style Story: Meet The Author Edition

This week is spring break for SUNY Potsdam, so I had limited resources as far as students to use for my fashion profile. I thought that this presented the perfect opportunity to introduce myself the same way you are introduced to all the stylish interviewees I hunt down every week.
I have picked out my own clothes since I was able to point. My mom always laughs about me laying my outfits out in the morning and her and my dad exclaiming “What planet did you come from!?” I have always seen clothing as a way to express myself as well as just appreciating the true functional value of them. They do keep me warm, keep me cool, protect me from the elements, and allow me to live my life exactly the way I want to.

Below I am wearing overalls from Free People, shirt and shoes from a thrift store (C.O.R.C. Store in Potsdam!), Worthington tights, a locket from Isle of You, crystal necklace from American Eagle, an eagle ring from Forever 21, thin wire ring from a gumball machine (literally), and a Claddagh ring that I received as a gift <3.

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