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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Style Story: Brianne Borden

This week’s Fashion Profile embodies what it means to look effortlessly cool. Brianne’s style is always put together and inspiring. Even her simplest outfits incorporate something that still looks pre-meditated: a bright pop of color, a funky detail on the back of a piece (that cut out dress she is wearing at the piano!!), or a great shoe. A self-proclaimed accessory junkie, Brianne is always sporting something inventive and fun that remains effortless, elegant, and classic.

In Brianne’s first look she is wearing a shirt from, skirt from Forever21, belt from Isle of You, earrings she had had long enough to forget where they are from, shoes from Marshalls, a watch that was a birthday present, moon ring from Woodstock, criss-cross ring she found in a bathroom in eighth grade, and three other rings from North Country Neighbors.

Brianne’s second look features a dress from Archimage (a boutique in Rochester), belt from Isle of You, shoes from Plato’s Closet, and earrings from North Country Neighbors.

 Brianne’s Lotus flower tattoo was done by Beyond Tattoo and is a Buddhist symbol for something beautiful growing out of the mud.
This tattoo was done in Rochester the day before she started college. Her mom got the exact same tattoo!

The eighth note tattoo was done in Rochester with her best friend, who got a treble clef at the same time. The hidden location is a reminder for her to do music for herself and not for others. So well thought out! 
 For her final look, Brianne said, “Almost all of this was given to me!” the only thing she bought were the boots which were from

 Fun facts about Brianne:
  1. She has three chickens all named after jazz singers: Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, Lena Horne. She also has a rooster named Billie Holiday.
  2. She was born on Christmas. “No…no extra presents…”
  3. Brianne plans to spend a big portion of her life teaching yoga to musicians.

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