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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Style Story: Elora Garland

This week’s fashion profile is the secretary of The Racquette, Elora Garland. I find myself constantly getting distracted in meetings by her fun and professional look. She is one of very few people I have seen who can work a blazer into almost any outfit and make it chic without being overbearing. She balances her clothes with makeup that is simple and fun. For example, during the shoot she was wearing an almost completely natural look but with some blue eyeliner! The looks ends up being smart, light, and inviting- just like her clothes, and most importantly, just like her! Elora had plenty of fashion insight to give after her semester studying abroad and completing an internship as a press intern with a Parisian fashion designer!

Bird shirt from Target, hoodie from Pink, jacket from Tuelle (from a boutique in Maine), pants from Delias (her number one jeans store!), shoes from Flare, scarf from the Saint Lawrence University Bookstore, and sunglasses from Walmart.

The pearl earrings were given to Elora from her mother.

The spiral earrings she bought from a vendor in the Barrington Student Union at SUNY Potsdam. She is considering getting a tattoo of the spiral symbol. The symbol represents the three stages/cycles of life: birth, life, and death. They also represent childhood, motherhood, and becoming a grandmother.

Elora said this really registered for her because of the loop theory. What is the loop theory you may ask? I had the same question. Elora explained, “The loop theory, that my ex-boyfriend created with his best friend and then taught me, says that we all essentially have our own loop spiral. Everyone has a spiral that can sometimes loop with the spirals of others, and when the loops intertwine is when people come in and out of our lives. It is representative of how important they are to us and how they change us through our loops and through our paths in life. It’s not just one straight line.”

These wonderful rows of bracelets have been collected from all over the place. The pink and green friendship bracelet was made by a friend at camp, they gray and white one was purchased in Maine, the teal and pink and teal and purple braided leather bracelets were bought from a vendor in Potsdam, the two faded leather braids were from the college book store, the green and pink woven bracelet was from Puerto Rico, the three matching braided strands were from the Saint Lawrence University Bookstore, and the pearl one was from Six Dots in France.

The fistful of sterling silver is comprised entirely of gifts, and therefore hold a lot of sentimental value. The Infinity loop, the hands, and plain band were all hand-me-downs from her mother. The braided loop, a gift from her grandmother, and of course the engagement ring from Nick Clemens.

Shirt from Zara, Calvin Klein skirt from thrift shop in Buffalo, shoes from Payless, and a scarf her grandma (a French and Arabic teacher here at SUNY Potsdam) brought back from Morocco.

Love this print!

This seahorse tattoo was done at the old Sleepy Hollow in Potsdam by Kevin. Elora considers it one of her best investments. “I wanted an animal representation of me, and I wanted it somewhere where it could be hidden (so it’s on my foot). I mostly found strong symbolism on a couple of different websites and …calendars I guess you could say…like in the Celtic calendar, the seahorse is my birth-month. So because I was born in the time of the seahorse I read that paragraph, and everything it described really linked to me and I became very connected to the seahorses description and symbolism. It had a lot of characteristics that I both admire and have (and want more of). Compassion, friendliness, and protection- I’m a protector of sorts. I’m the oldest sister of three little brothers. Seahorses are supposed to be fierce protectors of their young. The males are also the ones who carry the young and then birth them, so I also liked that it was an inversion of gender.”

Dress from Target, blazer from Zara, and scarf from Diwali.

Jacket from Tuelle, shirt from Zara, scarf from Diwali, and skirt that was a parting gift from the fashion designer Elora was an intern for, Jasmin Santanen.

Isn't the detailing on this waistband incredible?

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