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Monday, July 30, 2012

Moodboard Monday: "The Days Are Just Packed"...

      It's been a crazy week getting back in to the swing of things. For those that don't know, I'm transferring schools this semester and entering SUNY Oneonta as a fashion design major. Part of that transition has included redoing my living space. We're talking sanding floors, painting, fixing holes, etc. (pictures to come). Plus on my down time I've been able to fit in a few longboard rides! Here's what has been getting me through the busy days, and the thoughts that have been flowing on those lovely afternoon longboard rides...

Still loving maxi-dresses in every shape and form:

Free People released this picture of some of their Fall 2012 looks! Aren't they awesome? Love the use of fake fur&chambray!

This was my favorite guy outfit I came across this week. I'm a sucker for fashionable utilitarian clothes (oxymoron huh?) and this totally fits the part.

 Dr. Martens are a never ending fascination for me. Not only am I obsessed with boots, (seriously, I don't buy others shoes..), but they are comfy as hell. For someone with a leg condition, the air soles really do what they are supposed to, and make standing on your feet all day not only bearable, but make you feel really cool while you are doing it.

Loved this idea for a succulent garden! While I'm working on revamping my home decor, I think this might be included in it.

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I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week! Make sure to follow the blog to stay updated on all things Typographie!


  1. Wow! The one with the yellow maxi skirt is gorgeous!

  2. amazing style inspirations! xx

  3. Very lovely! I'll be sure to buy one of your fashion creations down the road!