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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picture Perfect: Israeli Shlomi Nissim

      When I saw this image I was instantly taken. Then again, who wouldn't be? The tunnel created by the trees, the little red riding hood effect of the wolf symbol and the red clothing, and of course the stunning body movement. I love the projected arm, something that looks so fresh, but makes sense in the context of the scene.

      I looked up the photographer, Israeli Shlomi Nissim, who according to is a, "Photographer born in 1972. My love for nature has followed me since I remember myself, with its magical force, powerful predators, untouched jungles and captivating stories and fairy tales such as Mowgly and Tarzan.
       Photos and films of war between the white man and native American Indians fascinated me as a child but was also painful to me seeing the victory of modernization over nature. This is the very basis of my art today.
       While I stay faithful to the beauty and aesthetics of art and am also inspired by paintings and cinema, my works are a reflection of my despair over man's conquest over nature.
So, I photograph documentary and staged scenes depicting my aspirations for humankind and nature...going back to the beginning of time. All of my works are photography media and not digital art."

     Being a long time horse lover and rider, I was particularly captivated by his concentration on the relationship of horse and rider.

       To see more of Israeli Shlomi Nissim's work, check out his website.


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