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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Artist Q&A: Gabrielle Brittney

See the beautiful logo at the top of the page? Or how about the buttons you click to get to the Typographie Etsy, Facebook, or Instagram? All the artwork used for Typographie Vintage was done by the talented and crazy cool Gabrielle Brittney. I sat down to ask her a few questions about her art and her creative process.

1. What inspires your art work?
I am always inspired by my surroundings... I like to find the beauty in the every day. I love all kinds of art and design, but I find myself fascinated by details and colors. I think being surrounded by beautiful things sparks the creativity in me, which hopefully produces beautiful things as well!

 2. You have a unique aesthetic style when it comes to both your personal style and your artwork, what influences do you attribute to shaping this?
I think my love for vintage things and feminine design shape this specific style... I've always been attracted to antiques and all things floral, so that may explain my reoccurring theme of flowers in almost everything I do (and wear!)  

3. Do you have any routine or ritual that is unique to your own creative process?
A cup of coffee is a great start! I think being in a clean and spacious environment with good music playing helps me when I feel like being creative and making something. I usually start by spreading out and organizing my materials on my desk or table... but it always ends up as a big creative mess.

4. Who is your favorite artist?
 My all-time favorite is Gustav Klimt. I admire his attention to detail and the delicate female form. Since reading blogs & the birth of Pinterest, I have discovered hundreds of other great artists such as Leah Goren, Charmaine Olivia and Jessica Hische.

5. What is your favorite medium to work with?
Lately I have been having fun with acrylic paints on canvas and wood... although I will never get bored of old fashioned pencil and paper. 

6. What is next for you and your work? 

This year I hope to revive my Etsy store with new prints and original paintings. I envision the designs on textiles like totes or scarves. I would love to get back into blogging about inspiring things and my creative journey, too!
Thanks again to Gabrielle Brittney for all her help on the blog, and for taking the time to answer some questions about her beautiful artwork!  To see more of Gabrielle's work, check out her portfolio here.

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