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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Typographie Has Been Nominated For a Liebster Blog Award!

I am so so excited to say that I have been nominated by Sinead of fabuleuse, toujours for the Liebster blog award! After googling the heck out of it, this is what I found, "The origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat unclear but the general consensus is that it originated in Germany, Liebster meaning favorite or dearest, to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers." Here are the rules:
Thank the person that gave you the award and put a link on your post to their blog.
→ List 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions given to you.
Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
Choose nine bloggers with 200 followers or less to nominate.
→ Go to each bloggers page and let them know you have nominated them for the award.
Eleven facts about me:
- I am a fashion design student.
- I grew up having two beautiful horses.
- I play upright bass, and attended The Crane School of Music before transferring.
- I just started reading The Bucolic Plague; I'm dying.
- For someone who is into typography/fonts, I have the hand writing of a six year old boy.
- I have extremely vivid dreams that I remember more often than not.
-My style is very feminine, but I like the idea of utilitarian clothes. I think rips/dirt give my clothes character!
- I like methodical labor and chaotic fun.
- Someday I hope to run this blog & shop from the comfort of a home office in rural Vermont.
- I have a family full of wonderfully creative and smart people.
- I have a great group of friends and a boyfriend who never ceases to make me fall off my chair laughing.

Eleven questions from Sinead:
-Coke or Lemonade? 
-Favorite item in your wardrobe? 
 That would have to be my black Clark motorcycle boots!
-What did you do on your last birthday?  
Haha, honestly? Went to Potsdam, ate the best dinner of my life with the best guy, and re-visited it all a few hours later with the help of a bottle or two.  
-Online or in-store shopping? 
 Nothing beats shopping local, but in a rural area it can be difficult to find what you're looking for! So it's a mixture, but for either I'm a small business junkie! 
 -Favorite kind of tea, if any?  
I love a cup of strong black tea!  
-If you could have the wardrobe of a fictional character, who would it be?  
Daenerys Stormborn from GOT!
-You have £10 to spend in boots/superdrug/your local drugstore. What do you spend it on?  
Ah, different currency, how exciting! The equivalent here being $13.38... probably an apple juice, a gaudy eyeliner color, and maybe a disposable camera (I like that I can't delete the pictures, no matter how goofy they are!)  
-What are 3 things you look for in a blog? 
 Photography, information, and an umbrella aesthetic that fits my lifestyle!  
-Favourite type of blog post to read? 
 A DIY or something motivating!  
-DIY beauty tip?
 Sweet almond oil works as a cheap, natural moisturizer!  
-Song currently stuck in your head?
 "Up Jumped The Devil" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds(Thanks to my brother, Dan.)
Eleven questions for my nominees:
  1. Favorite movie?
  2. How would you describe your style? 
  3. What is your favorite subject to write about?
  4. How do you feel about technological influence in our day to day lives?
  5. What food is your favorite to make?
  6. What's your earliest childhood memory?
  7. What's your favorite thing to do with your best friend?
  8. What's your favorite time of day?
  9. Do you speak the way you write?
  10. What do you do for fun?
  11. Are you a layer-er (I pile on the slips, skirts, etc!)?

My Nominees:
Kate Lily Daze

Thanks so much Sinead! I am truly honored!


  1. Hi!Nice post,i follow now,please follow me back!Thank´s!XOXO!Angela

  2. Congrats!, you do have a pretty awesome blog!

    1. Thank you so much Alex! I am loving your blog as well!

  3. Ah yay! ^o^ So nice to read all your answers, I hope you enjoyed answering the questions as much as I enjoyed thinking of them! ♥ xo

  4. Sweeetie, thank you so much for nominating me! I'm really honored!!!!!!!!
    I love your blog! Following you with pleasure and can't wait for your new posts!

    xx Tatiana

    1. Of course! Your blog is great and you have a great sense of style!

      Lovely to connect! Thanks for following!

  5. Enjoyed reading about you, funnily enough I also have the hand writing of a 6 year old boy :) If you fancy checking out my blog I would love it. I just followed you on GFC
    Angela x