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Friday, January 25, 2013

Three Items Under Two Dollars For A Rustic Vanity

I bought all three of these objects intending to decorate them with dried flowers, crystals, etc. However, when I got them home and looked at my vanity, I thought the simplicity of them looked beautiful in itself. The bottle works great as a bobby pin receptacle because a million don't pour out at once.

To give you an idea of prices here:
1. Grapevine Wreath- $1.99
2. Plain Glass Votive- $0.79
3. Apothecary Bottle- $1.00

Sometimes things are just meant to be simple!


  1. shut. up.
    that is perfect and gorgeous.
    so very well done!
    the wreath is my favorite!

    1. Thanks Emily! I know right!? I feel like I'm going to start hoarding them for future DIYs! hahah

  2. Simple is the new black, or at least I hope so.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  3. Hi! Lovely blog and great post!! :) I would like to invite you to know my blog, you like? ;)

  4. Cool things with a nice prize! Cool! Follow you back :)